How Much Do You Really Know About The Auto Transportation Industry?

How do you really know about the auto transportation industry? Do you know how these companies are utilized? And more importantly, do you need to get in touch with one?

The Purpose Of Auto Car Shipping

First off, auto shipping companies such as Nationwide Auto Transportation are there to make life easier for car owners. For example, if you are moving to New York City, and you don’t want to put the mileage on your car, you can use a nationwide car shipping, New York.

In some cases, car dealerships use shipping companies to stock different branches, because you can’t have unnecessary mileage on a new car.

Whatever your reasons for using a shipping company, there are several things you want to keep in mind.

– Personal Inspection

Before your car gets picked up or dropped off, you want to do a personal inspection first. Take note of dents and scratches, and make sure the car doesn’t have any oil leaks.

Not only are you protecting yourself by doing a personal inspection, but you are making sure the requirements of the company are checked off. Yes, companies have certain policies about shipping cars and you should know them.

– Mutual Inspection

Before handing your keys to the shipping company, a mutual inspection of the car should be done. But this time it is more official. The company will create a list of damages the car already has, and you need to sign the list.

– Clear Pick Up Time and Delivery Time

If you are working with a professional car shipping company, a clear pick and delivery time should be provided. Of course, there is a chance the delivery time can change, but there should be an estimation nonetheless. Ultimately, you should have a good idea of when your car will be arriving.

– The Last Inspection

When you get the car, another inspection has to be performed. This is to ensure that no extra damage occurred and that you are happy with the condition of the car. But if you notice something, mention it immediately and get it settled right away.

Broker Or Direct?

People who haven’t used this kind of service are important to understand the difference between a broker and a direct shipping company.

With a broker, you are dealing with a third-party company that aims to get you the best prices. Brokers also try to make the process more convenient, but you won’t have control over the shipping company they ultimately choose. In other words, you want to be sure you can trust the car shipping broker you use.

When you work with a car shipping company directly, you will get more detailed info about how they transport the car and whether you like their techniques. Given that some cars require more sensitive care than others, it is understandable that you won’t like every shipping tactic you come across.

And now – you know a lot more about the auto transportation industry.